Week 3 & 4 Leaderboard Results and Economy Update

Greetings Commanders!

Thanks for your patience and hard work clearing Elderym of the Dread. We ourselves are hard at work squashing bugs and purging bots. With every week, bit by bit, we are improving our systems and making GOG more healthy and robust. The team here is just getting started, and this is but the opening Act. So far we’ve seen some impressive user growth, with our MAU on track to reach a quarter million in the opening month. 

After 2-weeks of rehearsal with Ascension Seals, this week’s GOG leaderboards will distribute $GOG Tokens for the first time and marks an important milestone for the game and the ecosystem. With $120K worth of Tokens up for grabs we wanted to make sure that we got things right. Unfortunately, a particularly nasty bug in boss-rush leaderboards forced us to make the difficult choice last week of delaying Week 3 Leaderboards until we could validate the results and determine what to do.

We would like to invite the community for consultation and feedback as we are always listening to our community. Our current plan is to distribute Token prizes tomorrow before the much anticipated re-opening of Eri’s Store. NFT prizes will follow later in the day.

Week 3 Boss Rush Boss Freeze & Leaderboard Impact

A critical bug was detected in Boss Rush which caused the Boss to freeze, players were able to continue attacking the boss, accumulate points, and advance on the Leaderboard. After testing we determined that this bug could be deliberately triggered via certain Guardians skills and this therefore rendered the Week 3’s Boss Rush Leaderboards invalid for players that made genuine attempts in this mode. 

Unfortunately, we could not ascertain clearly when this bug was being triggered via the game’s telemetry systems and so the only way we can rectify this, was to manually reconstruct the matches and watch replays. Due to the level of manual labour  involved in this, we could only validate the top 50 positions. We have decided to publish the validated list in the Boss Rush Leaderboards, and we are confident that these 50 scores represent the true rankings for players who did not exploit this bug. As such we have created a special Leaderboard for these 50 players. A prize pool of $5K Tokens has been carved out and allocated to these players. In addition NFT prizes for the top 10 players will be allocated based on the verified list. 

You can view the verified list of 50 players here. Congratulations to the top 10 verified players in the first week of Boss Rush, you will receive your NFT prizes shortly

Rank Player Series Rarity Chroma Guardian
1 PuppyBTC1337 Core 1 Legendary Champion Ennara
2 Goburinpurin Gen 1 Legendary Elite Salve
3 BigLouie 1337 Gen 1 Founder Warrior Helia
4 Gaff Gen 1 Legendary Warrior Tianlong
5 Beligon|1337 Gen 1 Legendary Warrior Phoenicia
6 Toby 1337 Gen 1 Legendary Warrior Salve
7 WhaleDShark Core 1 Legendary Elite Atticus
8 TrueGod 1337 Core 1 Epic Elite Derisda
9 Genou Core 1 Epic Elite Flix
10 0x541nt-1337 Core 1 Epic Elite Acquiris

For all other players, we have applied an equitable pool of reward based on relative performance in the game-mode and this reward will be shared amongst all players that participated in the boss-rush mode.

Rank $GOG Reward Range
1 - 50 (Verified) 1,325 - 325
51 - 200 (Unverified) 325 - 175
201 - 1000 (Unverified) 174 - 35
1001 - 8000 (Unverified) 35 - 17

Week 3 Endless Leaderboards

From Week 3 onwards we will no longer allocate rewards based on Global Ranking and will instead begin disseminating rewards based on local in-game leaderboard position and ranking. The current reward for GOG leaderboards is based on the following rules and conditions:

  1. All players that have a non-zero score currently in Gold (or higher) are eligible for baseline rewards
  2. Any player that is eligible for promotion will receive a +50% Reward Multiplier Bonus to their baseline rewards
  3. Any players that is eligible to skip tiers (over-rank) will receive a +200% Reward Multiplier Bonus to their baseline rewards
  4. Top 100 Global Rank players receive an additional bonus to their baseline rewards (in addition to other bonuses received)

Baseline Token Rewards are calculated in proportion to total score achieved by all players in their Tier (e.g. Gold Tier Baseline Rewards is determined by number of Players in Gold Tier, and Total Endless Score achieved by all players in Gold Tier). We will continue publishing global Leaderboards on the website, but note that your rewards are no longer determined by Global Ranking, but rather they are determined by your Tier and your position within your local group. 

This results in a more equitable distribution of rewards across a broader player base. However, there may be rare cases where players that have low weekly scores will receive more rewards (as is the case of a previously highly ranked who is now dormant and in the process of deranking). We believe this system will lay the foundations for real-time in-game Token Rewards and Distributions thus doing away with the cumbersome need to publish results of websites. For now we are still iterating and welcome your feedback for Season 2.

Week 3 Arena Leaderboards

Arena game mode performed within expectations, and no critical bugs were encountered here. Arena rewards follow a similar distribution to Week 2 with Top 1,000 players rewarded with relatively meaningful token rewards and a bonus for the top 100 players. A big congratulations to the Arena Champions in Week 3, you will receive your NFT prizes shortly.

Rank Player Series Rarity Chroma Guardian
1 WhaleDShark Gen 1 Legendary Champion Tianlong
2 Aspin | 1337 Gen 1 Legendary Elite Phoenicia
3 Kvothe Founder Legendary Warrior Helia
4 0x541nt-1337 Founder Legendary Warrior Tieroc
5 Gaff Founder Legendary Warrior Kharkuk
6 AUSTINWHITE|1337 Founder Legendary Warrior Rufus
7 Win | 1337 Core 1 Legendary Elite Thorit
8 Spraky YGG Core 1 Epic Elite Derisda
9 Goburinpurin Core 1 Epic Elite Flix
10 Quxxe | 1337 Core 1 Epic Elite Acquiris

Distribution Plan and Week 4 Leaderboards

We will distribute Token rewards tomorrow, before the re-opening of Eri’s Store. $GOG token rewards amounts will be distributed on the basis of the last 7 day volume weighted average price. With a VWAP of $0.1629 used as the benchmark price for deriving the number of tokens rewarded.

Week 4 Leaderboards will conclude tomorrow, we will again take a bit of time to review bugs and make adjustments where needed. We expect to publish rewards and token distributions on Thursday (13-June) with Token rewards following disseminated this week (14-June).

With the conclusion of Week 4, we reach the end of the first Endless Season, and we will announce the results of the Last Week prize pool. We can say that our MAU targets are so close to reaching the next milestone, we encourage players to mint some NFTs and invite their friends to play. Guardians rise-up - We are in this together!

Stay tuned for exciting updates about Season 2 Rewards and the potential for new game modes.

Anti-bot & Anti Multi-account, Anti-exploit, Anti-Asset Sharing

For week 4 rewards we will be focused on identifying and flagging exploits that have been identified by the community and risk teams. We take the protection and integrity of our game’s leaderboard and minting systems extremely seriously and will take disciplinary action on players that are found to be in breach with our Term of Service. We are constantly adding more risk signals and improving our systems for detecting bad actors, on occasion false positives continue to occur so we apologise and ask for your patience. Please log in a support ticket providing context and information for why our systems may have mistakenly flagged your account. We will run an audit of withheld rewards in weeks 1, 2 and 3 at the end of the month and release rewards accordingly.

Thank you for your continued support Commanders, See you in Elderym!