Important Announcement: Commander Progression Levelling

Hello Commanders,

Thank you all for joining in the fight against the Dread. 

We are constantly working to improve the game experience for every user, and in doing so we have identified an issue related to Commander Level which has stemmed from the Regional Test purchases refund.

We’re seeing a wider spread in game progression between Regional Test players and new players than we had intended, and we want to close the gap to ensure game fairness for everyone.

To address this, we’re going to set the Commander level cap to 40 for the remainder of week 1. We then plan to raise it to level 50 at the start of week 2, 60 for week 3, up to a cap of 100.

We’ll be analyzing the numbers, but this should allow everyone a fairer shot at catching up on this key power metric and create a more level playing field as we go in the critically important week 3 and 4 leaderboards. We may adjust this further as we gather more data.

For the remainder of this first week we will adjust the daily ruby purchases of Adventure Energy from 4 to 8 and have the 4th to 8th all priced at 100 rubies.

We will also be disabling the ability to purchase Adventure and Crafting Energy Potions in the store, as this will prevent any players who are in an advantageous position from buying these to perpetuate this advantage.

We'll be taking the servers down for maintenance for 1 hour to implement this from 7pm - 8pm UTC+8.


The Guild of Guardians Team #LFGOG