Ascension Seals: Buyer's Guide

Commanders, We have some fresh news from Elderym!

Eri’s Store is re-opening and new items are now for sale: Ascension Seals!
Dive into this buyer's guide to find out the purpose of Ascension Seals, their in-game function, and how to acquire them strategically.

TL;DR Summary

  • Ascension Seals allow you to ascend a Guardian to a Radiant Guardian (NFT).
  • Ascension Seals are now purchasable in Eri’s Store using $GOG tokens.
  • Purchasing Ascension Seals on Eri’s Store is designed to be cheaper than buying in-game with an even bigger discount if you buy in bulk!
  • Ascension Seals will be available for purchase in Eri’s Store on June 12, 2024 at 11am (AEST)

What are Ascension Seals?

Ascension Seals are an in-game resource exclusive to Guild of Guardians. Unlike other resources, they cannot be traded with other players. However, their role is crucial: Ascension Seals fuel the process of transforming regular Guardians into Radiant Guardians (NFTs). This process is known as Guardian Ascension.

This Ascension process grants several benefits to players:

  • Realise full digital ownership benefits: Ascend your Guardians, and they becomeNFTs! Make your in-game grinding even more worthwhile by not only enjoying the in-game utility benefits, but having the ability to sell them on the marketplace!
  • Increased Stats: Radiant Guardians often possess enhanced stats compared to their non-NFT counterparts.

Maximizing the Value of Ascension Seals

While Ascension Seals can be purchased directly with in-game currency, buying Ascension Seals through Eri’s Store can offer greater value for savvy players:

  • Buy with $GOG: Guild of Guardians rewards players with $GOG tokens for stellar performance in leaderboards. These tokens now have added utility as they can be used to purchase Ascension Seals.
  • Price Discount: Buying on the Eri’s Store gives you a discount compared to buying the same resources using the in-game store.
  • Bulk Purchase Benefits: Planning to ascend a large portion of your Guardian collection? Guild of Guardians incentivizes this strategic approach by offering significant discounts for bulk purchases of Ascension Seals using $GOG tokens in Eri’s Store. The supply of Ascension Seals is unlimited, so you can purchase them at your own pace when you need them.
    Note: The $GOG cost of Ascension Seals is based on the exchange rate of $GOG and will be periodically repriced at Guild of Guardians’ discretion. 

Ascension Seals bundles come in three tiers:

Bundle Name # of Ascension Seals Cost in $GOG at launch Approximate Discount to in-game Purchase Additional Bundle Discount Total Savings ($USD equivalent)
Handful of Seals 40 ~$GOG 20 30% 0% $1.50
Chest of Seals 600 ~$GOG 265 30% 11% $20
Mountain of Seals 3,000 ~$GOG 1,100 30% 26% $85

Ascension Seals will be available for purchase in the Eri’s Store on June 12, 2024 at 11am (AEST)

Acquiring Ascension Seals on the Eri’s Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you are an Ascension Seals expert, it’s time to proceed with your first purchase. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to acquire Ascension Seals in Eri’s Store:

Step 1 - Wallet Connection
Ensure you connect to Eri’s Store using the same Immutable Passport wallet that you are using to log in to the game.

Step 2 - Store Navigation:
Locate the dedicated Ascension Seals within the Eri’s Store.

Step 3 - Purchase Completion:
Click on Buy Now and confirm the transaction to complete the purchase. Note: You must have enough $GOG tokens in your wallet to complete the purchase. Find out here how to get $GOG on Immutable zkEVM.

Step 4 - In-Game Claiming:
Open Guild of Guardians, navigate to the Guardians page, and select a Guardian.

Tap on Ascend Guardian and in the pop-up window tap the “Wallet Sync” button. After the sync is completed, your purchased Ascension Seals are sent to your in-game inventory.

Tokenomics of Ascension Seals

The purchase of Ascension Seals for $GOG satisfies one of the core promises of GOG’s whitepaper: $GOG is used to mint NFTs. 20% of all net revenue received has been earmarked for the purchase of Ascension Seals and to be swapped for $GOG and directed toward the Active Rewards Program.

Further information regarding this Active Rewards Program, including details of how any required swaps into $GOG will be completed, and any plans for buybacks and staking, will be released in coming months. 


What are Ascension Seals, and what can I do with them?

Ascension Seals can be used in-game as a resource to complete the process of Ascension of regular Guardians into Radiant Guardians (NFTs).

Are the Ascension Seals NFTs?

No. Ascension Seals are Web2 Assets available only in-game. 

Are Ascension Seals tradable?

No. Ascension Seals are not tradable among players.

Why should I buy Ascension Seals on Eri’s Store instead of using the in-game store?

Eri's Store gives you more value for your money on Ascension Seals, with a discount compared to the in-game store.

What currencies can I use to pay?

Items in Eri’s Store are priced in $GOG and may be paid with $GOG tokens on Immutable zkEVM, or by debit card (recommended) or credit card (via Transak).

If you have ETH, IMX or USDC on Immutable zkEVM, you can swap these funds to $GOG to pay. When you get to the checkout you can be connected with third-party swap providers to complete  this process.

If you need to swap outside of Eri’s Store, please refer to  QuickSwap or WarpGate’s website for more information.

Do I need an Immutable Passport to shop in Eri’s Store?

Eri accepts Immutable Passport, MetaMask and other external wallets in her store.

If you are using Immutable Passport, you must use the same Immutable Passport wallet you are using to play the game to reconcile and claim your Ascension Seals purchases in-game.

If you are using an external wallet, you must link the external wallet to your Immutable Passport you are using to play the game to reconcile and claim your Ascension Seals purchases in-game.

I have purchased Ascension Seals on Eri’s Store with MetaMask or an external wallet. How do I transfer my assets to Immutable Passport?

You will need to link the external wallet (e.g. Metamask) to your Immutable Passport that you are using to play the game to reconcile and claim your Ascension Seals purchases in-game.

The Wallet Sync button is not available in the game when I try to reconcile and claim the Ascension Seals I’ve purchased. What should I do?

Ensure you have updated to the latest version of Guild of Guardians (1.2.2). If you are still facing issues, please contact our support team.

How do I fund my Immutable Passport or MetaMask wallet?

If you need additional funds to make your purchase, you can add them in one of two ways—

Option 1: Directly from the Store.

  1. Visit Eri’s Store and connect your wallet
  2. Click “Open wallet” and view your balances
  3. Select “Add coins”

Option 2: From the Immutable Toolkit

  1. Visit Immutable Toolkit and connect your wallet
  2. Select an option from the sidebar

Adding funds

  1. Choose the option that works best for your needs:
    1. “Buy”— Use a card (debit preferred) to purchase coins of your choice (USDC recommended).  This is powered by Transak.
    2. “Move” or “Bridge”— Transfer funds from another ethereum mainnet wallet or network to Immutable zkEVM into this one.  This is powered by the third party bridge infrastructure integrated with Immutable zkEVm.
    3. “Swap”— Exchange one coin for another (note that this may not be available in your region)  This is powered by third party solutions like QuickSwap.some text
      1. If you wish need to swap outside of Eri’s Store, please refer to  QuickSwap or WarpGate’s website for more information
  2. Follow the instructions to bring the necessary funds to your wallet

Read more about it here.



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