Eri's Grand Opening

Join us to celebrate Eri's Grand Opening on March 25, 2024 at 3pm AEST!

In the heart of Haven, a small quokka named Eri has embarked on an incredible journey. Despite the looming threat of the Dread, Eri radiates pluckiness and cheer, and while not diving into battle she plans to assist the rebuilding of Elderym with the sales from her store. 

The Grand Opening of Eri’s humble store marks the beginning of a hopeful and mighty endeavor in bringing back the light to Elderym. While her store may be modest in size for now, Eri dreams of expanding it into a haven for adventurers, filled with an array of essential goods. 

During the opening event, Eri’s Store available items will consist of Prayers meant to be sacrificed at the Altar of Sacrifice.

What are Prayers?

Prayers are symbolic representations of hope, well-being, and protection, specially crafted by Eri for the adventurers of Elderym, and sold in the form of NFTs to adventurers. Each Prayer is meticulously inscribed on delicate parchment, harbouring enchantments meant to provide guidance, strength, and sometimes, a miraculous escape from the grips of the Dread. 

When sacrificed at the sacred Altar of Sacrifice, these Prayers release their magic into the world, interweaving with the land's latent energies to offer tangible aid to those who heed their call. Eri's Prayers are more than just products; they are embodiments of her dedication to the resurgence and prosperity of her homeland.

What is the Altar of Sacrifice?

The Altar of Sacrifice, a relic of ancient reverence to the Lady of Life, stands as a silent witness to the unfolding events in Elderym. Once a place bustling with worship and offerings, it has been sitting in quiet abandonment but since the arrival of the Dread, the resurgence of its flames has given hope to the people of Elderym.  

Now, Prayers are offered at the Altar, seeking the Lady of Life's grace through its purifying flames. Each offering to the Altar brings to the adventurer rewards in the form of NFTs that will be vital in the battle against the Dread.

What Rewards is the Altar bearing for those who sacrifice Prayers?

The more experienced devotees, with their wealth of knowledge and expertise, have meticulously crafted a comprehensive guide tailored specifically for newcomers. This guide intricately outlines not only what items to procure but also sheds light on the sacred rituals of offering on the Altar to receive the most valuable rewards. For those eager to explore further into this captivating subject, we invite you to delve deeper by reading the insightful details provided in the Eri’s Grand Opening Event Guide.

Join Eri on her quest to restore hope to Elderym on 25 March, 2024

Purchase a prayer from her store and become a part of the epic battle that weaves together the past, the present, and the dreams of a brighter tomorrow. 

Together, let us kindle the flames of faith and resilience that will guide Elderym towards a future filled with light and possibility.
The time to act is now - will you buy a prayer for a better tomorrow?