Cracked Hearts: A New Path to Enlightenment and Radiance for Founder's and Early-Adopter Guardians

Cracked Hearts are now available at the Altar of Sacrifice!


Commanders, get ready to go above and beyond at the Altar of Sacrifice

At Guild of Guardians, we are aware of the challenge that those of you who amass many duplicate Guardians. This surplus presents a strategic dilemma: how to manage these duplicates effectively? There have also been concerns that the supply cap on Founder’s Guardians, particularly Legendary Guardians, are harder to upgrade than non-Founder Guardians. 

Today we are introducing the Cracked Hearts, a solution that offers a new way to upgrade Radiance and Enlightenment for Founders & Early-Adopters Guardians.
Cracked Hearts are special NFTs (ERC-721) meant to be a substitute for duplicate Guardians to upgrade Enlightenment and Radiance for Founder's and Early-Adopter Guardians of the same rarity.

The path to acquiring Cracked Hearts is through the Altar of Sacrifice: Commanders must sacrifice Radiant Guardians (Guardian NFTs)they own and $GOG tokens at the Altar. 
Cracked Hearts have different level of rarity and different offerings at the Altar will yield Cracked Hearts of different rarity:

  • Rare Cracked Heart: To create a Rare Cracked Heart, you must gather three Rare Radiant Guardians, with 1 $GOG Token.
  • Epic Cracked Heart: Crafting an Epic Cracked Heart requires the gathering of three Rare Radiant Guardians and two Epic Radiant Guardians, along with 10 $GOG Tokens.
  • Legendary Cracked Heart: To create a Legendary Cracked Heart, you must gather one Legendary Radiant Guardian, two Epic Radiant Guardians, three Rare Radiant Guardians, and 50 $GOG Tokens. There will be a 20,000 mint limit on Legendary Cracked Heart.

Cracked Hearts will become available at the Altar of Sacrifice on May 8th 2024, with in-game use for Enlightenment and Radiance available after the Global Launch on May 15th.
During this time, players can Mint them at the Altar of Sacrifice or trade/sell them in the Marketplace.

May the Cracked Hearts be your guiding light on the path to victory, uniting the Guardians of Elderym in their quest to vanquish the Dread and restore peace to our beloved land.


What is a "Radiant Guardian"?

Radiant Guardian is the terminology used to identify any NFT Guardian.
Radiant Guardians can be purchased on the secondary market, minted through the Altar of Sacrifice, or minted in-game through the process of "Ascension".

Is an NFT Guardian with Radiance Level of 0 considered a Radiant Guardian?

Yes. All NFT Guardians are Radiant Guardians.