Haven Orientation: Your Crash Course in Guardian Command

Listen up, Commander!

You've answered the Call of Elderym, and now it's time to get your bearings in Haven, your base of operations. This ain't no leisurely stroll through the Deadlands, so pay attention and learn the ropes before you lead your Guardians into battle.

Haven 101: Your Home Away from Home

Haven is where you'll be spending your downtime between Dungeon runs. Simply Haven, it’s the home screen that you can keep going back to sort out your team before returning to battle. It's not just a pretty place to hang your hat; it's where you'll manage your Guardians, gear up for battles, and access all the tools you need to turn the tide against the Dread. You’ll also find all your daily and weekly rewards in Haven, as well access to the GOG shop, should you feel like treating yourself to a cheeky little upgrade or two.

Navigating Haven: Your Command Center

Guardian Management

Get to know your Guardians like the back of your hand. Check their stats, figure out your best options, and make sure they’re on their max level to ensure your victorious outcome. 


Need fresh blood in your ranks? Use the Call of Elderym to summon new Guardians. You'll need Summoning Stones or Calling Crystals to channel the Call, so keep an eye out for those. If you find yourself with too many duplicate Guardians, you may want to Sacrifice them. This process allows you to transform your duplicate Guardians into valuable resources known as Souls. These can be used to further enhance your existing Guardian's skills and abilities, making them more effective in battle.


Keep your Chests, and EXP Scrolls organized in your inventory. You never know when you'll need to grab something in a pinch. Make sure you’re keeping track of how much Guardian Shards you have at handy. 60 Shards can be combined to create 1 Guardian! And remember to salvage gears that you don’t use anymore to stack up on Power Stones and more Gold to level up your gear.


Completing quests means rewards and progress. Keep tabs on your Quest Bar and knock out those objectives like a true Commander. Complete your daily quests to receive bonus rewards. You can also unlock new Achievements and receive bonus rewards. A dungeon a day (or 9) keeps the Guardian upgraded! 


No time to grind? Upgrade your Gear by purchasing Power Stones, easy. From Beginner Offers to Soul Bundles, your shortcut to leveling up is all there. Shhh… don’t forget to claim your daily free Summoning Stone and Daily Bonus Chest on the house! 

Pre-Battle Checklist: Don't Get Caught with No Strategy! 

Before you charge headlong into a Dungeon, make sure your Guardians are locked, loaded, and ready to roll. Level them up, equip them with the best Gear you've got, and ensure their skills are primed for the fights ahead. Oh, and don't forget to consider elemental strengths and weaknesses – both yours and the enemy's.

Guardian Types: Know Your Troops

Guardians come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique flavors of kickassery:


These sharpshooters deal massive damage from a distance. They're like the snipers of Elderym. There's Batu, a master tracker and hunter who has travelled and mapped the farthest reaches of Elderym. Aurora, master of stealth and a devastating long range specialist. And Farrah, a hired gun from the heart of the Deadlands, who needs just one well placed poison arrow.


Up close and personal, Warriors can dish out and give a significant amount of damage to the enemy.  There's the excommunicated Huurk, whose recklessness was once his downfall. Aloria, a revered protector of the Imperials. 


These sturdy Guardian are the damage-soaking shields of your party. They'll keep the enemy busy while the rest of your crew does the heavy lifting. There's the ever valiant and courageous Brund, Freia, one of the most fearless defenders there is, and the mighty Telva, leader of the Bone Crushers.


Every party needs a good healer, buffer, and debuffer. Supports keep your Guardians in fighting shape and the enemy on their toes. You'll be glad of the healing touches of Guardians such as Ferulia, Bahram and Aquiris, as they extend their powers to help push the rest of the team onto the next dungeon.


When you need to drop a ton of damage in a hurry, call in the Assassins. These burst-damage specialists are the cleanup crew of the battlefield. Few will cause havoc like Ashwyn, Balor and Fieval, all of whom will be ready and eager to lend a heavy hand when called upon.


Masters of the Domains, Mages wield elemental powers like they were born to it. Which, y'know, they kind of were. And few can wield power as masterfully as the likes of Lia, Bronwyn and Ennara.

Mix and match your Guardians' strengths to create a well-oiled fighting machine. A balanced party is a happy party, and a happy party means a victorious Commander.

That's it for your Haven crash course. In the next episode, we'll dive into the nitty-gritty of crafting and upgrading Gear. Trust me; you don't want to miss it. Until then, get acquainted with Haven, assemble your dream team, and show the Dread what you're made of. The Domains are watching, Commander. Make 'em proud.