Guild of Guardians Act 2: Guardians Unite


We are thrilled to unveil Act 2: Guardians Unite, a groundbreaking chapter that elevates social gameplay to new heights. In this act, Commanders will experience a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration, where shared objectives drive progress and cooperation is key to success.

Guild Power: Empowering Guilds to Greatness

Guild Power is a pivotal feature in Act 2, providing various boosts to all guild members that are lost upon leaving the guild. The activation and skill unlocks in Guild Power are determined by the Guild Level, encouraging each Commander to strive for higher levels to unlock more powerful boosts. Upgrading Guild Skills requires Unity Stone, obtained through player donations and Guild Quests. Only members with certain privileges can upgrade Power Skills, adding a layer of strategy and coordination within guilds. Once a Guild Skill is unlocked and upgraded, it is permanently effective, enhancing the guild's overall strength and prowess.

Guild Quests: Embark on Epic Adventures

Guild Quests have been revamped in Act 2, offering a refreshed set of dispatch tasks daily, each with different qualities and designated guardians required to complete them. Players choose a guardian that meets the requirements to execute the task, which then enters a countdown state. Once the countdown is completed, the task is considered completed, and rewards can be collected. Tasks not collected daily will be reset, while tasks still in countdown will be retained until they disappear after meeting completion conditions. Guild Quests not only offer individual rewards but also contribute to the overall progress and success of the guild, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cooperation among members.

Avatar: Your Unique Identity

Avatars play a more significant role in Act 2, allowing players to synchronize web3's Commander Avatar and extract them to Inventory through Vault. Each Avatar has its own effect that is immediately activated upon entering the Inventory, allowing players to choose it as their avatar. The Avatar's appearance and description are based on art resources downloaded from the server, adding a personalized touch to each player's profile. With detailed attributes and a wide range of customization options, Avatars serve as a unique identity within the game, allowing players to stand out and express their individuality.

Special Events: A New Level of Challenge

Act 2 introduces thrilling Special Events, offering an endless mode with no grouping and a single leaderboard. Players can challenge themselves to achieve the highest score, with unique rune sets and monster features that add new layers of challenge and excitement. The events can also include restrictions and buffs, as well as enticing rewards for both new and seasoned players, providing a fresh and engaging experience for all.

In Act 2: Guardians Unite, Guild of Guardians is taking social gameplay to a whole new level. With features like Guild Power, Guild Quests, Avatar, and Special Events, players can expect a more immersive and social gameplay experience than ever before. These new features will be available on July 3rd, 2024

This is just a first step in bringing more social gameplay to Elderym, Clay will be giving a run-down of how development is progressing on other key features for Act II including Guild Raids and Crafting during next week’s Town Hall on Discord. We’ll catch you all there!

The Guild of Guardians Team