Guild of Guardians April Townhall Recap: The March to Global Launch

In the latest Guild of Guardians Townhall, Game Director Chris Clay provided an in-depth look at the game's progress, upcoming features, and the roadmap to the highly anticipated global launch. With the team working tirelessly to bring the game to players worldwide, there was no shortage of exciting updates and insights to share.

Global Launch: A World of Excitement Awaits

One of the most significant announcements from the Townhall was the confirmation that Guild of Guardians is gearing up for a global launch on May 15th, 2023. The game will be available in most regions, with only a few exceptions due to legal requirements. Players can expect a simultaneous release on both web2 and web3 platforms, making the game accessible to a wide audience.

The global launch will introduce a plethora of new features and enhancements, including PVP, Guilds V1, web3 leaderboard rewards, dungeon autocomplete, and a revamped energy system. The team is also working on a new player quest line, updated equipment, UX improvements, anti-fraud integration, and much more.

Founder Guardians: Balancing Power and Progression

During this Townhall, we touched on the topic of Founder Guardians and the challenges surrounding their Enlightenment process. To balance the progression of Founder Guardians and ensure they remain competitive, the team introduced the concept of cracked hearts. These items will be obtainable through the Altar and can be used in place of Legendary duplicates for Enlightenment.

Cracked Hearts will be tradable NFTs with a limited supply and availability. We are carefully considering the impact on the Founder Guardian market and will monitor the situation closely. Community feedback on the recipes and GOG token balance for Cracked Hearts will be taken into account.

Guild Crafting: Empowering Player Collaboration

Guild Crafting, a highly anticipated feature, was another topic of discussion during the Townhall. The current design focuses on allowing Guilds to create unique Artifact NFTs that provide benefits beyond just power. These Artifacts will juice rewards in the leaderboard, with a portion of the additional rewards funneling back into the guild that minted the Artifact.

We are also exploring ways to create a network of interconnected benefits, encouraging Guilds to strategically distribute artifacts to their top-performing members. While the specific details are still being finalized, more information will be shared as the system is implemented and tested.

Community Q&A with Clay

As always, here are some of the various questions asked from the community, with Clay's answers providing further insights into the development process and future plans.

Q: Will there be another Townhall before the global launch?

A: There will likely be another Townhall before the global launch, approximately five weeks from now. However, the final stretch of development is the most challenging, and we may not see him commit to a full AMA format. We will try our best to provide an update and maintain communication.

Q: Can you elaborate on the details of Guild functionality, benefits, and additional content?

A: The initial release of Guilds (V1) will include basic functionality such as creating a guild, inviting members, and promoting leaders. The subsequent updates (Guilds V2 and V3) will introduce more advanced features like Guild raids, bosses, and crafting. We have acknowledged the community's desire for more concrete information and promise to work with the team to provide a more detailed breakdown of the guild phasing and benefits.

Q: Will new stages be released for the global launch?

A: Additional biomes are in development, with new monsters and equipment. We cannot confirm if these new stages would be available at the global launch or in subsequent updates. The team will monitor player progress and timing of content releases based on data from the regional test launch and the impact of web3 rewards.

The Road Ahead: Exciting Updates and Collaborations

As Guild of Guardians marches towards global launch, we have a clear vision for the future. Clay will be traveling to Shanghai to work directly with the Mindlader team, focusing on polish and iteration in the final stages of development. This on-site collaboration will allow for faster turnaround times and more efficient problem-solving.

Beyond the global launch, we have plans for introducing additional regions, expanding Guild functionality, and continuing to refine the endless mode. PVP is also on the horizon, with a design that is easy to implement and familiar to players who have experienced similar systems in other mobile games.

Clay also teased some exciting partnerships and collaborations that will be announced closer to the launch date. These partnerships aim to create a buzz around the game and attract a wider audience.

Community Engagement and Transparency

Throughout the Townhall, Clay emphasized the importance of community engagement and transparency. At Guild of Guardians, we've acknowledged the challenges of balancing development with communication and committed to keeping players informed and involved in the process.

While not every detail can be shared immediately, especially when it comes to complex systems like guild crafting, the team will continue to seek community feedback and provide updates as plans solidify. Clay also expressed his gratitude for the community's support and understanding.

Get ready, Commanders! The march to global launch is well underway, and a world of excitement awaits.


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