GOG Web3 Read-Only Regional Test Launch Live!

We're thrilled to announce the regional test launch for Guild of Guardians' web3 integration is now live in Canada, Australia, and Indonesia! 

This milestone brings players the opportunity to use their Guardian NFTs in-game, marking a significant step forward in the gaming world.

What’s Happening?

During this read-only test phase, you’ll be able to experience the integration of the NFTs into the game. For this test launch, players will be able to play with Guardians from the following Series: Founders, Core 1, and Gen 1

Minting, burning, metadata changes, and token rewards features are not yet available in this read-only test.

We’re actively tuning balance for launch, so please give us balance feedback on the Founder Guardians via Discord.

If you don't have any Guardian NFTs yet, you can participate by purchasing Prayers from Eri's Store and summoning Guardians through the Altar of Sacrifice OR purchase an NFT from a secondary marketplace like TokenTrove

And for those outside the test regions, you can pre-order now and prepare for the global launch of Guild of Guardians on May 15th.

About Immutable zkEVM Migration and Passport 

If you connected your wallet to your Passport account before the cutoff date, you're all set! Simply log into the game with your Passport account and start playing with your NFTs. 

For those who haven't connected their wallet to their Passport account yet, don't worry! You can link your MetaMask to Passport and play Guild of Guardians (read-only) with your NFTs. More information on how to do this can be found here.

After completing Dungeon 1 and unlocking the Enlightenment feature, your Guardian NFTs will automatically sync.

Thank you so much for being a part of this exciting journey with us! Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we continue to enhance your gaming experience with Guild of Guardians.


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