Commander Training: Guardians Radiance and Enlightenment


The Guardian’s in GOG have many progression paths, some of these paths are unique to GOG’s web3 ecosystem. Guardians can:

  • Level up and learn new skills 
  • Equip new/upgraded gear, 
  • Enlighten their Guardian by collecting and sacrificing duplicate Guardians
  • Unlock Radiance by collecting Ascension Seals
  • Upgrade their Radiant Guardians by sacrificing Radiant duplicate Guardians or Radiant Souls

Some methods are more efficient than others, some methods may require players to compete on leaderboards, others may require players to trade with others, or keep an eye out on the market. The key to success in Guild of Guardians is to develop a strategy on what their optimal path of progression looks like


In Guild of Guardians, enhancing your Guardian’s power goes beyond the typical RPG mechanics you’ve come to expect from other games. While leveling up, gearing up, and investing skill points are all part of the journey, what sets Guild of Guardians apart are two unique progression systems: Guardian Enlightenment and Guardian Radiance. These systems offer a deeper, more strategic approach to enhancing your Guardian’s abilities. This guide will delve into these systems, providing you with the knowledge and insight needed to plan your squad’s advancement effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned RPG player or new to the genre, understanding these systems will be key to mastering Guild of Guardians’ immersive gameplay.

Guardian Enlightenment 

Delving into the realm of Guardian Enlightenment in Guild of Guardians reveals a system reminiscent of other squad-building RPGs, yet with its own very unique twists. Enlightenment serves as the key to enhancing your Guardians’ power, symbolised by the radiant yellow diamond beneath each Guardian’s portrait, aptly known as “Diamonds.”

Diagram 1: Rare Guardian Enlightenment

Every Guardian you acquire begins its journey with a default Enlightenment level, determined by its rarity. Common and Rare Guardians start at 1 Diamond, while Epic Guardians boast 3 Diamonds, and the legendary ones shine with 5 Diamonds. But the path to Enlightenment doesn’t end there. Each Guardian’s potential is capped by its rarity, allowing Common Guardians to ascend to 4 Diamonds, Rare Guardians to 5 Diamonds, Epic Guardians to a magnificent 10 Diamonds, and Legendary Guardians to an awe-inspiring 15 Diamonds.

Table 1: Default Enlightenment and Max Enlightenment

Advancing your Guardian’s Elightenment requires a strategic approach. Firstly, you’ll typically need a duplicate Guardian to increase its Enlightenment level. These duplicates can be obtained by summoning Guardians using Summon Stones, Calling Crystals, or Guardian Shards. Alternatively, you may head to a marketplace and see if you can find the Guardian you are after selling at a low price.
Secondly, you’ll need Faction Souls, which are acquired by sacrificing Guardians belonging to the same Faction as the one you’re targeting. Guild of Guardians features three distinct factions: Imperials, Keepers, and Redeemers, each with its own unique strengths and abilities. Mastering the art of Guardian Enlightenment is essential for those seeking to lead a powerful and diverse squad into battle. To find out more about Guardian Enlightenment values head to the Enlightenment tab in this sheet.

Guardian Radiance 

Exploring the realm of Guardian Radiance in Guild of Guardians unveils a system akin to Enlightenment but with a distinct twist. Unlike Enlightenment, which is available to all Guardians, Radiance is a power-up exclusive to Guardians that are NFTs, earning them the title of “Radiant Guardians.”

The transformation of a non-NFT Guardian into a Radiant Guardian is known as “Ascension.” To ascend a Guardian, players must compete in Leaderboards for a resource known as “Ascension Seals.” The exact number of Ascension Seals required for ascension is variable, influenced by the total number of Radiant Guardians ascended by all players across the world. Initially, when a new Guardian is introduced, the cost of Ascension Seals is low. However, as time passes, this cost tends to increase. Of course, sacrificing Radiant Guardians can also reduce costs, the overall costs for Guardian Ascension is determined by the will of the players and the open-economy that GOG aims to foster.

Diagram 2: Ascension of a Rare Guardian to Radiance

Once a player ascends a Guardian, the Guardian’s radiant powers are unleashed, providing an immediate boost in power and some visual effects that distinguish this Guardian from non-radiant variants. Radiant Guardians can also be traded in marketplaces, a feature that proves invaluable if you possess a Guardian another player desires; by selling this Guardian, you can utilize the proceeds to acquire the Guardian you seek.  To help other player’s understand the progress you’ve made on this Guardian, your Radiant Guardians will have its “metadata” exposed to the world to see. From this metadata not only will you see the Guardian’s current Enlightenment level, and Radiance, but it will also display important attributes such as its Chroma (Cosmetic skin), its Serial Number, and other important information. Note, when a Guardian is initially Ascended the Guardian’s metadata will display a value of “0”.

Diagram 3: Guardian Info and metadata (Note: default radiance is zero)

After unlocking Radiance, players can increase the tier of Guardian Radiance through one of three methods. The first method is to increase Enlightenment and Radiance at the same time. Players can do this by using a duplicate Radiant Guardian during Enlightenment (instead of a regular non-radiant Guardian). This approach not only maximizes the chances of advancing in Radiance but also boosts the Guardian’s Enlightenment level. 

Diagram 4: Method 1 - Enlightenment using Radiant Guardian

The second method for player’s who do not possess a duplicate Radiant Guardian is that they can top up “Radiant Souls” while Enlightening the Guardian. Note this method is has a large Radiant Soul Cost.

Diagram 5: Method 2 - Using a Non-Radiant Guardian and adding Radiant Souls

The third and final method, players can elect to not engage with Radiance and focus on Enlightenment first. Players will be able to increase Radiance at a time of their own choosing by spending Radiant Souls. Obtaining Radiant Souls involves sacrificing other Radiant Guardians. Method 3 is also available if a player does not succeed after trying Method 1 or 2. 

Diagram 6 - Method 3: Ascending Radiance after Enlightenment

It’s important to note that Radiance advancement works on a probability basis, and is not guaranteed. However, even if a player is unsuccessful, they can use Radiant Souls and attempt again at any time. Each successive attempt increases the chance of success on the next attempt. 

Only Rare, Epic, and Legendary Guardians can ever be made Radiant. The maximum Radiance in a way that linked to To find out more about Guardian Radiance values head to the Radiance tab in this sheet.

Table 2: Default Radiance and Max Radiance

Players should keep a close eye on marketplaces, as it may be more convenient to purchase radiant guardians there than to obtain Ascension Seals. Additionally, sacrificing radiant guardians on the market yields Radiant Souls.