Refer a Friend

Put down your axe and extend a helping hand to your another fellow Commander, join forces with your friends and level up together! When you invite them to play Guild of Guardians, epic rewards await you BOTH!
Sharpen your skills, conquer dungeons, and become legends together!


Get your Referral Code

Go to your Guild of Guardian profile tab and
create your Referral code

Share your Referral Code

Share the Code with your friends. When your friend downloads Guild of Guardians and adds your Referral code, he/she becomes your referee.

Earn Rewards

Enjoy the reward with your friends! You both will receive in-game rewards when your referees complete in-game

Frequently Asked Questions

How many friends can I invite?

You can only invite up to 5 friends using the Refer a Friend program

What are the in-game milestones and rewards received by both users?

Referee Reward
Referee Reward
Acquire a Level 3 Rune
Forge Energy 60 Points
Forge Energy 60 Points
Raise a Guardian's level to 20
300 Rubies
300 Rubies
Summon a Guardian
Guardian EXP
Summon Scroll x1
Complete Dungeon
Power Stone
Power Stone
Join a Guild
Endless Energy
Endless Energy
Craft 10 Recipes
Soul Box
Summon Scroll x1
Complete all Daily Quests
Arena Energy
Arena Token
Enlighten any Guardian
Summon Scroll x3
Rubies 300
Kill 15 Elite Enemies
Rubies 300
Rubies 300
Login for 7 days consecutively
Epic Guardian Box
Summon Scroll x2