Regional Test Launch Reset and Rewards


The moment we've all been waiting for is almost upon us! We are thrilled to unveil that 'Act 1: The Dread is Here', the inaugural chapter in the gripping saga of Guild of Guardians, will officially launch globally at 10 AM AEDT on May 15, 2024.

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Reset Notice for Regional Testers

In our commitment to fair play, we are resetting our regional test launch. Servers will be temporarily offline starting May 8th at 10am AEDT in preparation for the grand launch.

During this week, we’ll be wiping the servers. This means all progress gets reset, but don't worry—any Calling Crystals, Rubies, or other purchases you made with real money will be waiting for you when we return. For example, if you snagged a bundle with 30 Calling Crystals, those crystals will pop right back into your account once we’re up again. Meanwhile, all Guardians and gear will be reset. We’re starting fresh there.

At launch, you’ll get to rediscover the game from the very beginning, creating your Guardian’s name, learning the ropes in the tutorial, and collecting all that precious loot anew.

Rewards for Regional Testers

As a token of our appreciation, Commanders who reached specific levels during the Regional Test Launch will receive Ruby rewards based on their levels.

Additionally, those who participated in the Endless Seasons will be part of our trial for the leaderboard distribution system. We’ll be distributing ~US$10K worth of Ascension Seals to our top performers. Stay tuned for the leaderboard reveal next week!


Q: Will I need to uninstall and redownload the game at launch?

You should be able to patch to the latest build at launch. However, if you’re running into any technical issues, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Q: Will media/influencers who get access to the build have a head start at launch?  

No, their progress will not carry into global launch either. 

Q: What happens to all the app purchases we have made during the regional test? 

Any purchases you made during the regional test period (with real money) will be recognised in your account at global launch. For example if you purchased a bundle with 30 Calling Crystals, those crystals will be in your account again on May 15th. 

Q: What if I bought Calling Crystals and used it to summon a bunch of Guardians? Will I get the Guardians I pulled or the Calling Crystals? 

You will get your Calling Crystals back in your account which you can use to summon Guardians again.

Q: Will the Guardians be reset back to level 1 and will we lose all the Guardians and items we have acquired?

Yes, all Guardian progress will be reset. All web2 Guardians and equipment/items obtained during the Regional Test Launch will be wiped.