Guardian Collection Rewards Promo


We're calling on our most dedicated players to assemble a legendary collection of Guardians.

Are you a proud owner of 8 Rare Core 1 Radiant Guardians? Do you also own 1 Rare Founder Guardian? Here's your chance to collect additional rewards!

Checkout the promotion details below:

Promotion Details:

What: Own all 8 Rare Core 1 Radiant Guardians and 1 Rare Founder Radiant Guardian by the date of the snapshot.

Reward: Every eligible player will receive 400 Soul Boxes each.

Snapshot date: July 14th, 2024.

Reward Distribution date: July 22nd, 2024.

How can you collect all the Radiant Guardians for the Guardian Collection Rewards Promo?

To complete your collection you have multiple options:

Option 1: Ascend your Guardians to Radiant Guardians using Ascension Seals.

You can buy Ascension Seals on Eri's Store for a fraction of the in-game cost

Option 2: Purchase Radiant Guardians on the secondary market via an NFT marketplace

This is your chance to showcase your dedication, bolster your power, and claim your place as a GOG legend. Assemble your Rare Core 1 Radiant Guardians and prepare for glory!

See you in Elderym!

The Guild of Guardians Team


What are Soul Boxes?

Soul Boxes are bundles of 10 Faction Souls. When players receive Soul Boxes they can pick which Faction they want the souls to be.

What are Faction Souls?

Faction Souls are in-game resources that can be used to increase Guardian enlightenment.

What is a "Radiant Guardian"?

Radiant Guardian is the terminology used to identify any NFT Guardian.
Radiant Guardians can be purchased on the secondary market, minted through the Altar of Sacrifice, or minted in-game through the process of "Ascension".

What are Ascension Seals, and what can I do with them?

Ascension Seals can be used in-game as a resource to complete the process of Ascension of regular Guardians into Radiant Guardians (NFTs).

Where can I buy Ascension Seals?

You can buy Ascension Seals in Eri's Store or directly in-game in the Shop. Alternatively you can earn Ascension Seals by participating in leaderboard events.
Learn more about Ascension Seals here.

Are the Ascension Seals NFTs?

No. Ascension Seals are Web2 Assets available only in-game.

What are Core 1 series Guardians?

The Core 1 series of Guardians refers to the Guardians that are always available to be pulled with Summoning Stones. These Guardians will start off as web2 assets, and players can ascend them as Radiant Guardians (i.e. convert web2 Guardians into NFTs) using Ascension Seals.

What are the 8 Rare Core 1 series Guardians?

The Rare Guardians from the Core 1 series are: Andronica, Batu, Ferulia, Huurk, Okubo, Toktun, Yalmar, and Zole.

What are Founder Radiant Guardians, and how do I obtain them?

Founder Radiant Guardians are exclusive digital collectibles minted for the game's founders and top performers in leaderboard challenges. They can be obtained as rewards for achieving certain milestones or rankings in the game or they can be purchased on the secondary market on any of the NFT marketplaces on Immutable zkEVM.