Guild of Guardians Regional Test Launch Now Live in Canada, Indonesia, and Australia

Dear Guardians,

We’re thrilled to announce that Guild of Guardians' Regional Test Launch is now live and playable in Canada, Indonesia, and Australia. 

For players in Canada, Indonesia, and Australia, you can download Guild of Guardians now

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The Regional Test Launch is a critical step towards our global launch. The key objective of this milestone is for us to test our game’s performance at scale across key metrics like Retention, Monetization, and Game Balance. Most importantly, it allows us to validate our core gameplay loop with players who are completely new to Guild of Guardians. 

What players can expect: 

  • Web2 only - no web3 integrations
  • In-app purchases will be enabled
  • New web2 Guardians
  • Full Story Dungeons
  • Endless Events 

Note: As an early access build of GOG, server and technical problems, bugs and other issues may arise. Please contact if you need any assistance.


We understand and feel the excitement and anticipation of our GOG community eagerly waiting to explore Elderym. It hasn’t gone unnoticed, and we're truly grateful for your enthusiasm and the level of love and attention we’re getting at this stage. Launching first in Canada, Indonesia, and Australia is a vital step for us to fine-tune and perfect the gaming experience. We want to ensure that when Guild of Guardians is ready for its global debut, it exceeds your expectations in every way.

Stay connected with us through our official channels for all the latest news and updates. Whether you’re in Canada, Indonesia, and Australia or not, join our Discord community to share your suggestions and feedback as well as stay up to date on our progress towards launch. 



Q. Why is the game only available in Canada, Indonesia, and Australia?

Test launching the game in Canada, Indonesia, and Australia was a strategic decision to allow us to test Guild of Guardians and make necessary improvements before our global launch to a wider audience in Q2 2024. 

Q. I'm not based in Canada, Indonesia, and Australia, how can I play the game?

We’re deeply grateful for your excitement in getting your hands on the game. We will not be providing players outside of Canada, Indonesia, and Australia with access to the Regional Test Launch and will share more updates once we roll the game out to your region. 

Q. I bought GOG NFTs, when can I use them in the game?

We are currently planning to have another web3 milestone playtest event to enable NFTs in-game ahead of the global launch in Q2 2024. In this milestone, you will be able to use the GOG NFTs you have purchased. 

Q. What is a Regional Test Launch? How does it differ from Global Launch?

This version is only available to users in Canada, Indonesia, and Australia and will be web2 only, with in-app purchases enabled. The global launch in Q2 2024 will have more available features as well as web3 integrations enabled on Immutable zkEVM. 

Q. How can I stay updated with how the regional test launch goes?

Join our Discord community to stay updated with the latest news, announcements and developments at Keep an eye out for the regional test launch chat category where you can discuss and strategize with other community playtesters!

Q. Will game progress be reset from this regional playtest prior to the global launch in Q2 2024?

We are still finalizing our approach to ensure an even playing field at launch. 

Q: How long will this Regional Test Launch be? 

We do not have an end date to announce yet. 

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