Guardian NFTs Royalties Promo


We're thrilled to announce a significant reduction in secondary sales royalties for your favourite Core 1 and Gen 1 Guardians NFTs.

From 5% to 0.5% - A Game Changer for Players

Previously, whenever you traded your Core 1 or Gen 1 Guardian NFTs on any NFT marketplace on Immutable zkEVM, a 5% secondary sales royalty was applied to the transaction. 

To celebrate the launch of Guild of Guardians,  we're slashing those royalties to a mere 0.5%. This means you'll keep more of your hard-earned rewards when buying, selling, or trading your prized Guardians.

Empowering Players, Building the Future

This fee reduction is a major win for Guild of Guardians players. It allows you to trade your heroes more freely and efficiently, fostering a more vibrant and dynamic in-game economy. This aligns perfectly with our vision of creating a sustainable and rewarding experience for our players.

Here's what this means for you:

  • Reduced costs: You'll keep more of your earnings when buying, selling, or trading Core 1 and Gen 1 Guardian NFTs.
  • A more vibrant marketplace: Lower fees encourage more trading activity, benefiting both buyers and sellers.

We're committed to continuously improving the Guild of Guardians experience, and this fee reduction is a significant step forward. With Immutable's zkEVM, we're paving the way for a future of affordable and accessible NFT trading for all our players.

Stay tuned for further development! We have much more in store for Guild of Guardians.
Together, let's conquer Elderym!

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1- When will the new secondary sales royalties be activated?

The new royalties have been activated since 31 May, 11AM AEST.

2- Do the new secondary sales royalties apply to all NFTs from the Guardians Smart Contract (0x4AC8A115131778c748E58e77cB7E58f850A31325)?

No. The new royalties will only apply to those NFTs from the series Gen1 and Core 1

3. How do I know if my NFT is included in the promotion?

You can look at the metadata of your NFT on any NFT marketplace. If the Attribute “Series” is “Gen 1” or “Core 1”, then it is eligible for the royalties promo.

4. Why isn’t my listing for my Gen1 or Core 1 Guardian on TokenTrove showing the new royalties?

Existing listings created before the new royalties enforcement will still show the old royalties, but will execute with the new royalties.

New listings created before the new royalties enforcement will show the new royalties.


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