Pre-register NOW for 10 FREE GOG Guardians!


As we are nearing Guild of Guardians’ global launch, we’re thrilled to throw in a bonus for all Guardians that pre-register for GOG. To express our gratitude for your unwavering support, we're giving a bonus to everyone who pre-registers for GOG: 10 Summoning Stone. This is our way of celebrating your enthusiasm for our journey ahead. Don't miss out, pre-register NOW to secure your 10 free Guardians.

Q: How do I pre-register?

It’s easy and simple. Head over to and hit the Pre-Register button.

You will be prompted to pre-register with an Immutable Passport account.

Follow the steps below and you’re in!

Q: Why should I pre-register?

By registering before the Global Launch, you’re unlocking Elderym’s precious Summoning Stones, which will allow you to summon 10 Guardians for FREE. We want to ensure your game play experience with Guild of Guardians stays on top notch. 

Q: I have pre-registered before. Am I also eligible to receive the Summoning Stones?

Yes! Every pre-registered Guardian will receive the 10 Summoning Stones. Tell your friends who haven’t pre-registered yet and share the love with your best friends. 

Q: What can I do with the Summoning Stones?

Guild of Guardians is all about strategic battles and Summoning Stones will become an essential item that will greatly improve how you go against challenges awaiting in Elderym. With these 10 Summoning Stones, you can summon one Guardian per Stone. That means you can summon 10, and hopefully get lucky with pulling a Legendary Summon or two. With these 10 Guardians, we hope to assist you in progressing in GOG. 

Q: How can I claim the Summoning Stones?

1. Pre-register during the pre-registration period.

2. 10 Summoning Stones will be distributed to your Guild of Guardians account via in-game mail once GOG has globally launched.


- Pre-registered users MUST play within Month 1 of Global Launch to claim their reward. Keep an eye on your inbox for more GOG news.

- Players must be registered in Guild of Guardians using the same Passport account they pre-registered with. 

Q: Are these NFTs?

No. Players can choose to convert Guardians into NFTs via a minting procedure through our Radiance feature.

Q: How long is the pre-registration period?

From now until the global launch date, to be announced.

May the Summoning Stones be ever in your favor.

The Guild of Guardians Team