Act 1: The Dread is Here - Celebrate the Global Launch of Guild of Guardians with the team


The wait is over!
In little more than a week 'Act 1: The Dread is Here', the inaugural chapter in the saga of Guild of Guardians, will officially launch globally at 10 AM AEDT on May 15, 2024.

Join us on May 15th for a global event to celebrate the official release of Guild of Guardians. Come watch the premiere of our cinematic launch trailer, and deep dive into the world of Elderym with Immutable andMineloader.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to build Guild of Guardians from the creative minds behind the game, and find out what’s in store for Guild of Guardians in the coming months.

Event Details


15th May 2024 12:30 AM UTC / 10:30AM AEST
14th May 2024 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET


Guild of Guardians Discord Server


  1. Launch Trailer Premiere Screening
  2. AMA Featuring:
    • Justin Hulog, Immutable Games Chief Studio Officer
    • Chris Clay, GOG Game Director, Immutable Games
    • Priya Keshyap, GOG Executive Producer, Immutable Games
    • Alex Saccardo, GOG Creative Designer, Immutable Games
    • Ella Lowgren, GOG Creative Designer, Immutable Games
    • Kang Hao, Executive Producer, Mineloader
  3. Special Giveaway

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Get ready to lead your team of Guardians and fight for Elderym!