Guild of Guardians Announces Prizes to the value of US$1 Million for Epic Launch Event: Age of the Dread

Updated 23 May

Leaderboard Updates TLDR :

  • We have added an extra 3,000 players to the reward list
  • We have doubled week 1 Ascension Seal Rewards from $20K USD to $40K USD
  • Boss Rush Leaderboard launch is postponed to week 3

Updated 17 May

Leaderboard Updates TLDR :

  • We've pushed the end date for each week from Sunday to Wednesday
  • Week 1 Endless resets on UTC+0 and will reset on UTC+4 from Week 2 onwards
  • Clarified rewards for Week 1 Endless and the ranking required; including a Mythic Legendary Tavros for 1st place!
  • Announced Top 10 winners of the Regional Test Launch. Prizes will be distributed with Week 1 Leaderboard Rewards


The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here! Guild of Guardians is thrilled to unveil the epic global Act 1 launch event: "Age of the Dread." 

In partnership with Guardians Guild Limited, we're excited to announce that Guild of Guardians will be offering up to a staggering US$1 million worth of $GOG prizes along with exclusive rewards like Founder NFTs and Ascendant Seals in our first Leaderboard event.

The total prizes available will expand with every Commander who joins the competition, so rally your friends to help reach a jaw-dropping US$1 million worth of $GOG tokens! More information to come on our Refer-A-Friend Program. 

Act 1 Launch Event: Age of the Dread

Prepare for intense gameplay and epic challenges as you participate in the Endless Leaderboard and the Arena & Boss Rush competitions, showcasing your skills and strategy to emerge victorious in this first global chapter of Guild of Guardians’ launch.

🏆 Endless Leaderboard Challenge

This is where the true action happens! With 70% of total prizes reserved for this mode, you can compete in up to 2 daily runs, with an option to purchase 2 more runs to maximize your points and climb to the top. Weekly rewards will be available for top performers, but aim to participate throughout the four weeks for your shot at the big end of event monthly prize!

🔥 Arena & Boss Rush Challenges

Claim your share of the remaining 30% of total prizes by tackling 5 runs daily in Arena and Boss Rush, climbing a unified leaderboard each week to earn valuable rewards. Compete fiercely against your fellow Commanders to cement your position among the top 10,000 players.

📅 Prize Schedule

Users & Prizes

Users: 1000000

Total Prize Pool: US$ 1,000,000


Date* Endless Arena Boss Rush

*Leaderboards will Open on Wednesday 04:00 UTC and Close on Tuesday 20:00 UTC

Regional Test Leaderboard: Rankings and Ascension Seal Rewards

Congratulations to all the Players who put in the hours, and tested our Guild of Guardians over the 17 weeks of our Regional Test Launch - your names have been inscribed into the Radiant Hall of Champions - Ascension awaits! These rewards will be distributed along with Week 1 Leaderboard Rewards (post 22-May)

Global Rank User Name Total Endless Score (15 Weeks) Ascension Seals
1 Decapitator 43,728,856 28,460
2 Greed | Asura 41,703,656 9,220
3 Chef | Asura 37,417,839 6,160
4 Shikaste 30,831,957 4,620
5 AspinDarkfire 26,889,776 1,920
6 mike | Asura 25,378,962 1,500
7 MaTTs 21,242,736 1,160
8 TylerAce 21,073,598 1,120
9 CL | Asura 20,957,891 1,040
10 SiklabX 19,654,751 960

Full List Here


1. Account must be registered with Passport

2. Rewards distributed after 22-May

3. Subject to discretion and verification

Week 1: Endless Mode Ascension Seal Prize (15-May to 21-May)

The first week of GOG’s Endless mode leaderboards rewards will be ranked based on the Total Endless Score achieved between the dates 15-May and 21-May. Week 1 Leaderboards will begin on Wednesday 15-May at UTC 4:00 AM, and end on 21-May at Tuesday 8:00 PM UTC. We will publish daily ranking updates to the GOG website next week.

Global Rank Ascension Seals Bonus Ascension Seal Reward Total Ascension Reward
1 14,230 120 14,350
2 4,610 190 4,800
3 3,080 320 3,400
4 2,310 390 2,700
5 960 540 1,500
6 750 750 1,500
7 580 920 1,500
8 560 940 1,500
9 520 980 1,500
10 480 1020 1,500
11-20 190 230 420
21-30 170 250 420
31-40 150 270 420
41-50 130 290 420
51-60 120 300 420
61-70 100 320 420
71-80 80 340 420
81-90 60 360 420
91-100 40 380 420
101-1000 25 95 120
1001-2000 20 0 20
2001-3000 0 15 15
3001-4000 0 10 10
4001-5000 0 5 5


1. Must be login using Passport

2. Rewards distributed after 22-May

3. Subject to discretion and verification

Week 1: Arena Mode NFT Prize & Ascension Seal Prize (15-May to 21-May)

The first week of GOG’s Arena mode leaderboards rewards will be ranked based on the Rank achieved in Arena Mode between the dates 15-May and 21-May. Week 1 Leaderboards will begin on Wednesday 15-May at UTC 4:00 AM, and end on 21-May at Tuesday 8:00 PM UTC. We will publish daily ranking updates to the GOG website next week.

Rank Series Rarity Chroma Guardian Ascension Seals (per Player)
1 Founder Legendary Mythic Tavros 1,160
2 Core Legendary Champion Grisell 950
3 Founder Legendary Warrior Lia 740
4 Founder Legendary Normal Rufus 580
5 Gen 1 Epic Champion Balor 450
6 Gen 1 Epic Elite Damos 400
7 Gen 1 Epic Warrior Herne 340
8 Gen 1 Epic Warrior Damos 260
9 Gen 1 Epic Normal Balor 210
10 Gen 1 Epic Normal Damos 180
11-200 Founder Rare Normal Random 50
200-1,000 - - - - 40
1,000-2,000 - - - - 30
2,000-5,000 - - - - 20
5,000-10,000 - - - - 10


1. Must be login using Passport

2. Rewards distributed after 22-May

3. Subject to discretion and verification

Week 2: Boss Rush Mode Leaderboard Announcement (22-May to 28-May)

We will be announcing Week 2’s Endless and Arena Leaderboard reward prizes. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and prizes, including even more Ascension Seals, and NFTs!

We have decided that we will announce Boss Rush Rewards and Prizes after launch

Join the Epic Adventure

Gear up for an epic journey where legends are made and up to US$1 million worth in $GOG awaits those bold enough to claim it. Don't miss this opportunity to show the world what you're made of! Preorder now on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to ensure you’ll be early!


How do I participate in the leaderboard challenges?

To participate, simply log in to the game and navigate to the designated leaderboard challenges. From there, you can start competing by completing runs and earning points.

Do I need to pay to participate in the leaderboard challenges?

No, participation in the leaderboard challenges is free for all players. However, there is an option to purchase additional runs to increase your chances of earning more points.

What are Ascension Seals and $GOG rewards, and how do they differ?

Ascension Seals are the in-game resources required to ascend Guardians to make them Radiant (i.e. mint your web2 assets). In the first two weeks we will reward Ascension Seals as we tweak and balance in the early stages of launch, players will also be able to purchase Ascension seals via in-app purchases. By the end of the second week, players will be able to use their $GOG Tokens to buy Ascension Seals in Eri’s shop. At the point where we, in partnership with Guardians Guild Limited, switch over to rewarding players $GOG Tokens, players can choose to either keep their rewards as $GOG tokens or use their reward to purchase Ascension Seals. 

How are leaderboard prizes distributed?

Leaderboard prizes are typically distributed based on your performance relative to other players. The more points you earn, the higher your ranking on the leaderboard, and the better your chances of winning prizes.

What are Founder NFTs, and how do I obtain them?

Founder NFTs are exclusive digital collectibles minted for the game's founders and top performers in leaderboard challenges. They can be obtained as rewards for achieving certain milestones or rankings in the game.

Where are you getting more Founder NFTs?

We will be minting additional Founder NFTs to help us promote the game, these Guardians will be allocated as leaderboard prizes to help the game grow. We will not be selling these Guardians and they will not generate direct sales from their distribution. The maximum increase in supply to Founder Guardians is capped at 10% of the existing supply, pro-rata to each Guardian’s individual supply. We will mint this reserved supply at our discretion. The date we will capture this supply is 08-May-2024 (prior to Cracked Hearts Release). 

I thought Founder NFTs were never getting minted again?

As part of the original Founder sale, we had explicitly reserved the right to mint an additional 10% of supply to be used exclusively for promotional purposes. We have not exercised the right, the intention was always that we would exercise this right at a time when the playerbase of the game is expected to increase. We are choosing to exercise this right at the game’s global Act 1 launch. These Guardians will never be sold by us and will only be distributed by us in give-aways and promotions. For more information on the terms of the original Founder sale please follow this link:

Which Founders do you plan on minting?

We will Mint all the unminted 1/1 Founder Mythics. Importantly this includes a group of Founder Mythic 1/1s that due to RNG were never minted in the original sale. The other Founders and their Chromas will be minted in strict proportion to their existing supply. 

Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the leaderboard challenges?

Leaderboard challenges are open to all players, but some challenges may have minimum requirements or restrictions based on player level or progression in the game. Future game modes and seasons may require certain configurations of squads and Guardians.

How often do leaderboard challenges occur, and how long do they last?

Leaderboard challenges typically occur on a monthly or weekly basis, with specific start and end dates announced in advance. The duration of each challenge may vary, so be sure to check the game for updates regularly.