Thank you to the Guild of Guardians community

Greetings Commanders,

Standing on the cusp of Act 1 of our global launch, I hear a song that’s been resonating in my mind for months—a song I’ve been eagerly awaiting to share with you. This lullaby has helped me hold fast against The Dread, both in the real world and in Elderym, and I hope it will inspire all Guardians to stay strong as we stand, together, against it. You’ll all get to hear it soon with the release of our cinematic launch trailer. It’s a melody that embodies our collective journey and the unwavering spirit of Commanders everywhere on this long road together. When you hear it, know that it holds a deeper meaning and symbolizes the strength and unity of our community.

Guild of Guardians has been on a remarkable, and often challenging, journey. It's humbling to reflect on how much has changed since this time last year, when we announced our new partnership with Mineloader. We’ve had to navigate through the bear market, reboots, changing chains and so much more. Yet, here we stand, stronger and more determined than ever. 

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you in the Guild of Guardians community. Thank you for the years you’ve dedicated to our pre-launch builds, the valuable feedback you’ve provided, and the hours spent refining ideas in Town Halls. Your contributions have been crucial in shaping this game, and it's been a privilege walking this path with you all. Together, we’ll build and grow this world for years to come.

Our upcoming global launch is not an end but a beginning, marking a new era for Guild of Guardians—a shared road ahead that promises new milestones and memories. We’re laser focused on ensuring that Guild of Guardians launches successfully and we'll do so through these exciting acts:

Act 1: The Dread is Here

15 May 2024

In this opening act, Guild of Guardians will be unveiled globally. With a focus on building your squad and confronting The Dread, facing epic challenges for a chance to win fantastic prizes in our Act 1 launch event. In case you missed it, in partnership with Guardians Guild Limited, Guild of Guardians will be offering up to a staggering US$1 million worth of $GOG prizes along with exclusive rewards like Founder NFTs and Ascendant Seals in our first Leaderboard event. As well as partnering with Immutable zkEVM to offer Quests to grab a share of the $50M in rewards available as part of the Main Quest. Keep a watchful eye for Tamamo, Goddess of Foxes, whose cunning and elusive power will be revealed in our very first post launch web3 sale in June. Her presence will introduce new dynamics to our world, enriching the storyline. 

We’ve been working on a ton of exciting content and forging partnerships that will be released throughout this act. We’re already engaging in a roadshow with Yield Guild Games in the Philippines, with Cebu coming up as our next stop on May 18th. We’ve been burning the morning and midnight oil to provide comprehensive media and influencer briefings, and it’s been a privilege to share GOG with some of my favorite pro players and content creators. I am so excited to see the content they’re making on Guild of Guardians. Most importantly, we’re just getting started.

Act 2: Guardians Unite

26 June 2024

In this next act, social gameplay takes center stage as we build a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration through features that incentivize progress via shared objectives. Guilds will be deepened with additional cooperative gameplay features such as raids, leaderboards, artifact crafting, and auctions. Players can band together to conquer challenges, earn incremental rewards, and climb the leaderboards. The power of guilds will shine as players join forces to dominate the competition. We've seen the remarkable impact of pairing marketing with highly social, community-driven experiences in many successful mainstream games, creating a flywheel that fuels exponential growth. As such, we have even more activations lined up as the game grows, and our marketing efforts will reach deeper into core markets through hyperfocused, incredibly localized campaigns.

Act 3: Divine Beasts Emerge

15 August 2024

Pets will be landing in Elderym. Each pet contributes passive skills that enhance player efficiency. We’ll start with integrating existing pets into the game. After which, we’re looking at features like merging duplicate pets to enhance their skills and introducing active pet battle skills for more interactive gameplay experiences.

As anyone in the gaming industry knows, the road to success is never linear. Here at Guild of Guardians, we are focused on building a game and IP for players to enjoy and experience for years to come. We’re focused on our mission to onboard millions of players into web3 and on building a truly invested, loyal audience that grows every day.

With a clear roadmap and the unwavering support of our community, we're moving full steam ahead, streamlining the web3 experience to seamlessly meet the needs and expectations of gamers everywhere. I can’t wait to share it with you all.


Chris Clay