Eri's Grand Opening: The Event Guide

Join Eri's Grand Opening event at her store and take advantage of the opportunities to collect new Core 1 and Gen 1 series Guardians. Dive into this buyer's guide and get ready for an exciting adventure in Elderym!

TL;DR Summary

  • Purchase Prayers from Eri the quokka's new store.
  • Prayers can be sacrificed at the Altar to secure Guardians ahead of launch.
  • Collect all Guardians for a chance of receiving special rewards!


During Eri’s Grand Opening event, you can purchase various sets of Prayer. Should you choose, you can elect to sacrifice a Prayer in order to summon a Guardian from the new Core 1 or Gen 1 series. Each Prayer NFT will be minted in random rarities:

Prayer Chance
Rare Prayer 75.00%
Epic Prayer 22.50%
Legendary Prayer 2.50%

The supply of Prayer is capped, so act fast to secure your chance at summoning a powerful Guardian.

Sets # of Prayers Cost in US Dollars Limits
Prayer Pack 5 Prayers $18.90 10,000 Packs
Prayer Stack 50 Prayers $159.00 (15% Discount) 800 Stacks
Prayer Bundle 250 Prayers $659.00 (30% Discount) 100 Bundles

Altar of Sacrifice 

Sacrifice your Prayers at the Altar of Sacrifice, our innovative web-based NFT minting system, to summon a Guardian. Each Prayer sacrificed will mint one (1) Gen 1 or Core 1 Guardian.  While you are guaranteed to get a Gen 1 or Core 1 Guardian, the type of Guardian will be random but at least of the same rarity of the sacrificed Prayer, with a chance of getting a higher rarity hero.

Additionally, players can choose to sacrifice any 5 Rare Guardians NFTs to mint a new Prayer. 

Offerings Results
1 Rare Prayer 1x Random Rare, Epic or Legendary Core 1 or Gen 1 Guardian
1 Epic Prayer 1x Random Epic or Legendary Core 1 or Gen 1 Guardian
1 Legendary Prayer 1x Random Legendary Core 1 or Gen 1 Guardian
5 Rare Guardians 1x Rare, Epic or Legendary Prayer

For this special launch event, there will be no $GOG minting fee required for a limited time! 

Gen 1 and Core 1 Series Guardians

The Core 1 and Gen 1 series introduce a diverse range of Guardians, each with unique traits (see the full list below). This is your chance to get early access to these Guardians before their launch in game at Global Launch. You can start playing with these Guardians in the web3 read only test. 

Gen1 Legendary Guardians Salve, Tian Long and Phoenicia have a maximum available supply limit of 200 in this Grand Opening event!

Players will require duplicates to Enlighten their Guardians post-launch. Through this event, you will not be required to pay minting fees and obtain a guaranteed Radiant NFT Guardian before global launch! 

Guardian Drop Rates

There are a total of 42 unique Guardians available to mint across Core 1 and Gen 1 series. The drop rates for each series and rarity are as follows:

Series Rarity Unique Guardians Limit Rare Prayer Rate Epic Prayer Rate Legendary Prayer Rate
Gen 1 Legendary 3 200 0.19% 0.76% 30.00%
Core 1 Legendary 7 N/A 0.44% 1.78% 70.00%
Gen 1 Epic 3 N/A 3.05% 12.18% 0.00%
Core 1 Epic 21 N/A 21.35% 85.28% 0.00%
Core 1 Rare 8 N/A 74.97% 0.00% 0.00%

Collection Rewards 

For every 100 complete collections of Core 1 Legendary Guardians (all seven (7) unique Guardians held in one (1) wallet), we will be adding 6 Champion Chromas of our Gen 1 Legendary Guardians (2 of Salve, 2 of Tian Long and 2 of Phoenicia) to the Collection Rewards: 

  • 50% of Collection Rewards will be for players who have completed their Core 1 Legendary Collections (your NFTs must be in the same wallet to qualify), OR
  • 50% of Collection Rewards will be for players who hold any Epic or Legendary Guardian from the Core 1 or Gen 1 series

The snapshot of who is holding these new Guardians will be taken 30 days after Eri’s Grand Opening, on the April 25, 2024 at 2:00 pm AEDT, with recipients being notified shortly after. Please note that to ensure your Guardian NFTs are successfully captured in the snapshot, do not transfer these assets in a 24 hour window either side of this target date. You will receive your reward(s) if you are eligible and complete the required task of playing Guild of Guardians within 30 days after Global Launch. Rewards will be distributed after the 30 day window has expired, on or after the June 14, 2024.

New Gen 1 & Core 1 Guardians


Atlant Assassin

Salve remembers little of his past, but feels like it may not lie in Elderym. Something calls to him from across the shimmering ocean, but until the Dread are stopped there's no possible way that Salve can travel in pursuit of his history


Azure Dragon

The spirit of an ancient dragon stirs deep within Tian Long's heart. Whether he has draconic ancestors or is a dragon himself remains to be seen.


Phoenix Rising

Phoenicia is fire made flesh, flame given life. She rose from the ashes of a long forgotten people and carries the dreams of the great phoenix within her soul. With ancient power she now hunts the Dread, intent on destroying them once and for all.

Here’s the details on these Gen 1 and Core 1 Guardians! 

Keep an eye out on our social channels for more in-depth looks on the full series of Guardians in Core 1 and Gen 1!


What are Prayers, and what can I do with them?

Each Prayer is an NFT asset which can be traded as-is, or redeemed in The Altar for a randomized Guardian from its series.  

What currencies can I use to pay?

Items in Eri’s Store are priced in USDC and may be paid with USDC coins on Immutable zkEVM, or by debit card (recommended) or credit card (via Transak).

If you have ETH, IMX or GOG on Immutable zkEVM, you can swap these funds to USDC to pay. When you get to the checkout you can be guided through this process.

If you wish to swap but are in an area that is blocked from our swap functionality, please refer to  QuickSwap or WarpGate’s website for more information.

Do I need an Immutable Passport to shop in Eri’s Store?

Eri accepts both Immutable Passport and MetaMask wallets in her store.

However, Guild of Guardians requires players to be signed in with an Immutable Passport to access any web3 assets, and those assets must be in an Immutable Passport wallet to be used in crafting or upgrade activities.

I have purchased an NFT on Eri’s Store with MetaMask, how do I transfer my assets to Immutable Passport?

If you have assets in a Metamask wallet, Passport can help you link your wallets and manage the items and collectibles within.

  1. Go to Immutable Passport Inventory
    1. If you don’t have an Immutable Passport yet, you’ll be asked to create one
  2. Click “Add to your collection”
  3. Choose “Import from wallet”
  4. Follow the instructions to bring NFTs from your MetaMask to your Immutable Passport to use in game

How do I fund my Passport or MetaMask wallet?

If you need additional funds to make your purchase, you can do this in one of two ways—

Option 1: Directly from the Store.

  1. Visit Eri’s Store and connect your wallet
  2. Click “Open wallet” and view your balances
  3. Select “Add coins”

Option 2: From the Immutable Toolkit

  1. Visit Immutable Toolkit and connect your wallet
  2. Select an option from the sidebar

Adding funds

  1. Choose the option that works best for your needs—
    1. “Buy”— Use a card (debit preferred) to purchase coins of your choice (USDC recommended)
    2. “Move” or “Bridge”— Transfer funds from ethereum mainnet another wallet or network to Immutable zkEVM into this one
    3. “Swap”— Exchange one coin for another (may or may not be available in your region.)
      1. If you wish to swap but are in an area that is blocked from our swap functionality, please refer to  QuickSwap or WarpGate’s website for more information
  2. Follow the instructions to bring the necessary funds to your wallet

Will 20% of the purchases go to Active Staking for this event?

Yes. 20% of total revenue will be swapped to $GOG at market rate value at the time of the transaction. 

What’s the difference between Gen 1 and Core 1 series Guardians?

The Core 1 series of Guardians refers to the Guardians that are always available to be pulled in Summoning Stones. At launch these Guardians will start off as web2 assets, and players are expected to pay a fee to mint them as Radiant Guardians (i.e. convert web2 Guardians into NFTs). By partaking in the Grand Opening Event players will be able to directly obtain Radiant versions of these Guardians without paying any Minting Fees. 

The Gen 1 Series refers to the first generation of Guardians available in the post-launch Guardian banners. This distinction arises due to the time bound nature of Gen 1 Guardians. Once a Banner ends these Guardians are rotated out of the Up-chance Banner and become relatively more difficult to obtain. Moreover, the Gilding Energy for these Guardians starts low and is expected to rise quickly due to high demand from the community. Players who are fortunate enough to obtain these Guardians in the Opening Event receive a Radiant version of these Guardians directly without needing to accumulate Gilding Energy.

Can I play with these Core 1/ Gen 1 series Guardians at the web3 regional test launch on April 2nd 2024?

You can play with all Core 1 Guardians, plus the six initial Gen 1 Guardians included in the Altar (Tianlong, Phoenicia, Salve, Balor, Herne, & Damos) during the web3 read-only regional test launch. 

Can we trade Prayers?

Yes! They are tradeable and will show up in the Guild of Guardians Other collection.

Can the same wallet be eligible for multiple collection rewards? 

Yes! As long as you meet the relevant criteria you will be eligible.

What is Gilding Energy?

It's the Minting Resource mentioned in our Whitepaper that is used to transform your web2 Guardians into Radiant Guardians (NFTs). It's the in-game representation of $GOG Tokens so that we are compliant with app-store policies.

Is it possible to mint Chroma versions via Altar?

Yes. The Chroma outcomes are: Normal, Warrior, Elite, Champion. Mythic 1/1 will not generally be available for Core 1 and Gen 1 Guardians, but we reserve the right to mint them for promotional purposes and special leaderboard prizes.

The time to act is now if you want to collect all the new Legendary Guardians- will you buy a prayer for a better tomorrow?


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