Introducing: Idol Sacrifices

As part of our unwavering commitment to rewarding our players, we are thrilled to announce a major update coming to Altar. Starting July 10th, players will have the opportunity to sacrifice their Epic and Legendary Idols distributed through Altar Quest Rewards and Special Events Rewards.

This new feature allows players to sacrifice their Epic and Legendary Idols at the Altar, unlocking a chance to mint the coveted Gen 1 and Founders Guardians. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your collection with these rare and powerful Guardians.

It’s important to note that the total number of Founders Guardians available for minting is strictly limited. These exclusive Guardians come from the Developer’s 10% promotion budget, making them highly sought after and adding significant value to the player experience.

Idol Sacrificed Series Rare% Epic% Legendary%
Rare Idol Core 1% 50.00% 19.64% 1.86%
Rare Idol Founder% 20.00% 6.17% 0.43%
Rare Idol Gen 1%* 0.00% 1.68% 0.21%
Epic Idol Core 1% 3.57% 60.71% 7.45%
Epic Idol Founder% 1.43% 19.08% 1.70%
Epic Idol Gen 1%* 0.00% 5.20% 0.85%
Legendary Idol Core 1% 0.00% 10.71% 63.30%
Legendary Idol Founder% 0.00% 3.37% 14.47%
Legendary Idol Gen 1%* 0.00% 0.92% 7.23%


  • Excludes Guardians currently offered for sale in Eri’s Store (Tamamo & Herne)
  • Idols cannot produce Mythic or Champion Chromas (Base: 90%, Warrior 8%, Elite 2% Champion/Mythic: 0%)
  • We reserve the right to adjust drop rates, and future utility as required

Stay tuned and prepare your Epic and Legendary Idols for the Altar Sacrifice starting July 10th. Don’t miss out on your chance to mint these extraordinary Guardians!

Guild of Guardians Team


How do I get Idols?

  • Idols are NFTs that were distributed in past events, and some of them are still available on third-party marketplace.
  • You can participate in our new special event 'Building Blocks' for a chance to win Idols and more enticing rewards.

When will we be able to sacrifice Idols?

  • Existing holders may sacrifice Idols from 10-July onwards
  • Idols will be distributed at the conclusion of the Special Event

Where are the Founders coming from?

  • All Founder’s mints are coming from the 10% Founder’s promotion and dev budget
  • Since GOG’s launch we have minted 293 of the 18,643 Founders reserve

How long will Idols be available for Sacrifice?

  • We reserve the right to add or remove Guardians from the drop table or to change drop rates as required. For example, we may replace Gen 1 Guardians with newer Gen 1 Guardians. 
  • We reserve the right to modify the date of when Idols can be made available for sacrifice
  • We will give at least 4-weeks notice before deactivating the Idol recipes in the Altar