Guild of Guardians is Officially Live - Play Now!


The wait is over! Guild of Guardians is now available globally!

It’s here! Guild of Guardians has arrived worldwide and is available now to download for free to play on iOS and Android.

Before you jump into your first dungeon raid in Elderym, here’s an overview of all the important things you need to know for the launch of Guild of Guardians.

Banish the Dread:

Guild of Guardians plunges you into a captivating RPG experience where strategic squad building meets thrilling roguelite action.

  • Assemble Your Dream Party: Strategically collect and choose from a roster of diverse Guardians, each with unique abilities and skills.  Carefully consider their strengths and weaknesses as you build the perfect team composition to tackle any challenge.
  • Master the Dungeons:  Embark on perilous expeditions through ever-shifting dungeons. Each delve presents new dangers and opportunities to test your team's mettle.
  • Challenge the Dread:  Face off against the corrupting force known as the Dread. This ever-present threat grows stronger with each passing challenge, demanding you to constantly refine your tactics and upgrade your Guardians.
  • Embrace the Roguelite Thrill:  Experience the heart-pounding tension of roguelite elements. Increasingly challenging dungeons keep every encounter fresh and exciting, forcing you to adapt and strategize on the fly.

Prepare to be captivated by Guild of Guardians' blend of deep strategy, thrilling combat, and the ever-present threat of the Dread. Click here for an extensive overview of the game!

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Act 1 Launch Event - Age of the Dread:

Prepare for intense gameplay and epic challenges as you participate in the Endless Leaderboard and the Arena & Boss Rush competitions, showcasing your skills and strategy to emerge victorious in this first global chapter of Guild of Guardians’ launch. In partnership with Guardians Guild Limited, we're excited to announce that Guild of Guardians will be offering up to a staggering US$1 million worth of $GOG prizes along with exclusive rewards like Founder NFTs and Ascendant Seals in our first Leaderboard event. Click here to discover all the details about our launch event.

Own Your Adventure:

Guild of Guardians breaks the mold of traditional mobile RPGs with its unique but subtle blockchain integration, harnessing the power of Immutable's Passport and zkEVM chain.
This integration grants players ownership of their in-game assets, which are represented as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) within the game. By embracing this innovative approach, players gain full autonomy over their digital assets, drastically enhancing the gaming experience and creating a sustainable in-game economy. Check out our whitepaper to learn more about in-game economy powered by Immutable zkEVM.

Join the Community:

The fight against the Dread is a collective effort, and no Guardian goes it alone! Guild of Guardians fosters a vibrant and passionate community where you can:

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Get the latest news, updates, and developer insights directly from the source. Stay informed about upcoming events, new content releases, and balance changes to ensure your team is always prepared.
  • Forge Alliances: Connect with fellow players, guild up, and form lasting friendships. Share strategies, discuss tactics, and help each other conquer even the most challenging dungeons.
  • Thrive on Discussion: Dive into deep discussions about the lore of Elderym, theory-craft the perfect team compositions, or simply share your epic in-game moments. The Guild of Guardians community is a treasure trove of knowledge and camaraderie.

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Today marks the beginning of an epic adventure, a journey for the ages.
Are you ready to join the fight and Banish the Dread?

Download Guild of Guardians Now!


Why isn't Guild of Guardians available in my country?
Access to and use of the full version of the Guild of Guardians game (the Game) may not be available in certain jurisdictions due to the application of international trade and export controls (i.e. sanctions). In addition, access to the Game or certain features of it may be restricted in further countries and regions due to local regulatory requirements. At this time, the full version of the Game will not be available in Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, certain regions of Ukraine (Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea and Sevastopol), South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) administers and enforces comprehensive and targeted economic and trade sanctions programs on multiple countries and regions. To learn more about the U.S Treasury and the Office of Foreign Assets Control, please visit their website.

Users attempting to access Passport in one of the regions subject to OFAC sanctions will have their access blocked and will not be able to use all features of Immutable Passport and lose certain access to Guild of Guardians. Additionally, components of Passport's infrastructure also rely on technology provided by Magic, which maintains further details regarding unsupported regions on their website here.

Please note: (1) we are working towards making the Game available in as many markets as we can in a responsible and compliant manner; and (2) the list of countries where the full version of the Game is available may change at any time, in our sole discretion.

Known Issues

  • In Canada, Australia, and Indonesia the update to client 1.2 for launch will not be immediate, and client 1.1.1 cannot connect to the Global Launch servers. Once the stores update to 1.2 you can update and join.
  • Some Google Play store users are unable to complete purchases, we have a fix for this and will be deploying a new build once it is approved by Google.
  • Vault: When opening the vault for the first time, and sometimes on subsequent openings the app will crash, particularly if the wallet has a large number of assets. 
  • Performance: There are occasional short hangs when some skills are played.
  • Performance: When the app has been open for a long time performance degrades on some devices; we recommend restarting the app should this happen.
  • Performance: Under high server load there can be longer load times between dungeons
  • Performance: When internet connectivity is poor, intermittent responsiveness in the game may suffer. 
  • Some New Player Quests don’t load text correctly when unlocked. Relaunching the game may fix the text.
  • Sweeping (auto-completing a dungeon without playing) after pausing a dungeon run may cause the paused dungeon Guardians to become soft-locked. Play another dungeon with a different team to unlock the soft-locked team.