Get $IMX Rewards from the Altar of Sacrifice

Calling all Commanders!

We have epic news!  There's a new reward for those who use the Sacrifice at the Altar feature: Epic Idol NFTs and 10 $IMX!

Here's the rules:

  • Starting from after the last Legendary Idol was earned, the first 2,000 Commanders (unique Passport) to buy a Prayer Pack or Prayer Stack from Eri's Store and Sacrifice a Prayer in the Altar will earn Epic Idol NFTs!
  • Hold onto your Epic Idol NFTs and you'll also get 10 IMX later on.
  • If you earned a Legendary Idol and made or make a purchase after receiving it, you're also eligible to earn an Epic Idol.
  • Each Commander (unique Passport) can only earn one Epic Idol.

The Epic Idols will be distributed after the 2,000 Commander Limit is reached.

These Epic rewards are our way of saying thanks for your loyalty, support, and quick thinking!

Didn't make the cut this time? No worries!

Even the smallest prayers get answered.👀✨


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