NFT Migration Successfully Completed

Great news Guardians!

All GOG NFTs have been successfully migrated to Immutable zkEVM! You’ll find the collection addresses on the new Immutable Explorer as follows: 

If you did connect you wallet to Immutable Passport before the cutoff date:

You can locate your NFTs in your zkEVM Passport accounts with the collection addresses above. Now you’re all set for the launch of Guild of Guardians! 

If you did NOT connect your wallet to Immutable Passport before the cutoff date:

You can locate your NFTs in your zkEVM 3rd party wallets/accounts (i.e. Metamask) with the collection addresses above. 

You can link your Metamask to Passport so you can play with your NFTs in Guild of Guardians (read only). Follow our guide on how to link your wallets here.

To modify these NFTs in Guild of Guardians, you will need to transfer them from your Metamask wallet to Passport on zkEVM. Stay tuned - this feature will be coming to Passport next week allowing you to transfer NFTs between MetaMask and Passport on zkEVM.


You’re all set to start trading on zkEVM through familiar marketplaces like TokenTrove with more coming soon.

If you previously had any NFTs listed for sale on Immutable X, you’ll need to re-list these again now that we’ve migrated to zkEVM - as all existing orders were canceled prior to the migration.

  • Updated Guardian NFT metadata to align with new in-game naming conventions.
  • Increased Avatar NFT royalties by 0.5%.
  • Immutable X NFTs remain visible but are untradable and non-transferable.
  • Deprecated assets in zkEVM Metamask wallet belonging to the following addresses should be ignored (no trade, in-game value, or metadata):
    • Avatar: 0xd63f2948aaf172f990cde50b6d3cbe9137597c35
    • Other: 0x56f46370fb6098a29bb84ff526b61a7ce6096274
    • Art: 0x7fbd5a34a4ce7ab56cf14d59ce82d7faf52082cf
    • Pet: 0x684f730811e04c712b9bdfc5cd1946ec6de5b620
  • $GOG token migration website is now live. Migrate in 4 easy steps: [link to migration website]
  • Migrate $GOG tokens to zkEVM for full utility and future staking programs.
  • $GOG tokens remain on ImmutableX or L1 if not migrated. No migration deadline.


Ready to step into the Guild of Guardians Ecosystem? There’s a plethora of ways for you to dive in:

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