Update: $GOG Token Buyback and Active Staking

Dear Commanders,

In accordance with the GOG Whitepaper (Utility #4), Guardians Guild Limited, in partnership with the Guild of Guardians game, is pleased to confirm the first on-market swap of web3 royalty fees for $GOG tokens has been executed.

Key Details:

- Approximately 800,000 $GOG tokens have been acquired.

- This represents roughly 0.08% of the total $GOG supply.

- These tokens will be added to Active Staking rewards for distribution at a later date.

Recurring Feature:

These buybacks are not a one-time event. They will occur regularly as in-game and in-app royalties are generated, as outlined in our whitepaper.

Active Staking Program Reminder:

It's crucial for all Guardians to remember that $GOG rewards are specifically allocated for Active Staking. To qualify for these rewards, participants must:

1. Stake their $GOG tokens.

2. Actively engage in the game and broader ecosystem.

This dual requirement ensures that rewards are distributed to our most committed and involved community members.

We're excited to share more information soon regarding:

1. Detailed structure of the Active Staking rewards program.

2. Future buyback initiatives and their frequency.

Impact on the Ecosystem:

We believe these initiatives will contribute to a healthier, more vibrant Guild of Guardians economy by rewarding active participants in our ecosystem.

Stay Connected:

Please stay tuned for forthcoming announcements regarding the Active Staking rewards program and details regarding future buyback initiatives.

Furthermore, the Guild of Guardians team will be hosting a token and ecosystem AMA on GOG Discord on the 28th of June, 9AM AEST.
Make sure to join us and get excited for the future of Guild of Guardians.

Link to Discord AMA chat: https://discord.gg/4czUDXdx

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

The Guild of Guardians Team


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