What is Guild of Guardians?
Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG where players can turn their gaming passion into assets. It will be a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of ‘Guardians’ and compete in a guild to earn epic, tradeable rewards.
Will it be free to play?
Yes! Players can play for free and earn heroes and items without spending any money. We are very excited by the ability for players to 'play-to-earn'!
How do I play?
You can't play Guild of Guardians yet. We are in our first stage of release where players can begin collecting founder heroes, and we're currently working hard to finish completing development of the game.
When does the game come out?
We are aiming to release Guild of Guardians on mobile in early 2022.
Is it pay-to-win?
No. We are designing the game so that it won't be pay-to-win by ensuring that skill and strategy are core elements of the game. In addition, spending money on Guild of Guardians won't come at the expense of other players because the game is not focused on PVP
What technology do you use to allow for true digital ownership?
We are using blockchain technology to allow you to really own your in-game assets. We are based on the Ethereum network and our in-game assets will be unique ERC-721s (otherwise known as NFTs or non-fungible tokens). We are also building using Immutable X, which is an Ethereum scaling solution designed to be secure, decentralised and scalable.
Where can I learn more about the game?
Great question! Our Discord channel is the best place to start. We’ve got a rapidly growing community there, and we share leaks, updates and long-form pieces all the time
Who is the team behind the game?
Guild of Guardians will be published by Immutable and developed by Stepico. Immutable is one of the world’s largest VC-funded blockchain gaming start-ups, backed by investors such as Naspers and Galaxy Digital. Stepico is a mobile games development studio, with a team of 50+ developers and artists who have worked on AAA-quality strategy and RPG games with over 5 million installs.


How do I purchase?
You can purchase heroes, pets, and other things in the game in the Store page, for a limited time only. These will be exclusive founder assets that can be played in the game that will never be sold again.
Do I get anything from inviting my friends?
Yep! If you invite your friends and they purchase heroes you can actually get ETH as a reward if you have used your referral link. Go to our 'Rewards' page to learn more.
What is a Wallet?
A wallet is a secure place to store your digital items. Each wallet has a unique id that links your digital assets to you. They are completely free to set up and own. We recommend Metamask to set up a new wallet. MetaMask is a browser extension that allows you to easily interact with the Ethereum network.
How do I setup a wallet?
Here is a simple guide:
  1. Head to
  2. Install the plug-in: Install the MetaMask extension for your chosen browser.
  3. Create a wallet: Follow the prompts to “Create a Wallet”.
  4. Connect plug-in: Click “Connect” on the top right of the Guild of Guardians website to connect
That's it! You are now connected
How do I get Ether?
You can purchase ETH from secure cryptocurrency exchanges in your region, such as the Wyre widget in your MetaMask extension, or a website like Coinbase . Later on you can earn Ether by playing the game and selling assets you have earned.
How do I send Ether to Metamask?
If you purchase Ether directly through MetaMask using the Wyre or the Coinbase widget, your ETH will show up in MetaMask automatically. If you purchase Ether through an exchange, you will need to copy your MetaMask address and then send the ETH stored on your exchange to that address.


I need help!
We recommend joining our Discord and posting in the #support channel. Alternatively you can email us at
How can I reach out about business opportunities?
Email us with inquiries at


When can I use Immutable X?
You can use Immutable X and participate in gas-free trading once your assets have been minted.
Are my items safe on Immutable X?
Yes. A layer 2 solution means Immutable X is secured by Ethereum (which is layer 1). Immutable X never compromises on Ethereum L1 validating every Immutable X transaction. Rollups consist of a smart contract and an environment to process trades. This environment generates a proof and sends that proof to the smart contract on L1. Learn more about how Immutable X ensures your assets are secure here.
What systems/things do I need to use Immutable X?
System: A PC or Mac desktop operating system.

Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Edge.

Wallet: MetaMask.

At this stage, the only wallet-management tool both Guild of Guardians and Immutable X support is MetaMask. If you are using a different tool to manage your wallet, you can import your private key into MetaMask to access Immutable X
Why is nothing happening when I click buttons?
Here are a couple of common solutions:

The wallet linking process requires the Guild of Guardians website to open pop-up windows from Immutable X and MetaMask throughout this journey. Make sure your browser is not blocking pop-ups from
Certain buttons such as “Add wallet to Guild of Guardians” will open a popup window to MetaMask. You will need to complete this before proceeding. Nothing will visibly change on the main page until this step has been completed so, if the MetaMask popup window doesn’t automatically open, it can give the perception that nothing is happening when you are clicking the button. To remedy this, click on the MetaMask symbol (it looks like a fox’s head) next to the URL address bar at the top right of your browser’s window. This will open your MetaMask extension and allow you to continue.
Certain buttons such as “Link a wallet to X” will open an Immutable X popup window. You will need to complete this before you proceed. If you can’t see the Immutable X popup window, minimise your browser to try and find it, or look for another window. If you still can’t find it, return to the Manage Wallets screen and refresh to try again.
Why won’t my wallet link?
You may be accidentally trying to connect the same wallet address without realising it. Check that the wallet address in your MetaMask extension and the Immutable X popup window are all the same to ensure that you are connecting the right wallet.
Help! My NFTs have disappeared from my Inventory/Collection!
On Ethereum, asset ownership is permanent, which means once you own an NFT, it will never leave your wallet unless you decide to trade them. If your NFTs are not appearing in your inventory, either the wallet that holds your assets is not connected to Immutable X or you are experiencing a front-end issue. Your assets are not lost.
How do I know that my wallets have been linked?
If your wallet address appears in the top right corner of the Guild of Guardians website, then it is connected.

If your wallet has the text “✓ Linked” next to it, then it is linked to Immutable X.

If you wish to trade on Immutable X once the marketplace opens, please ensure your wallet is connected to the Guild of Guardians website, and linked to Immutable X.
I have linked my wallet. What now?
Refer to our minting and trading guide (TO COME), in order to participate in gas-free trading!
What is gas/why do we need Immutable X?
The Ethereum network (a blockchain) is the technology at the heart of Guild of Guardians, that allows you to own/trade/sell your NFTs and in-game items. It’s awesome. Over the last year, gas prices have skyrocketed. For a project that has minting and trading as one of its core P2E features, this is not ideal!

Gas prices are basically the transaction fees of the Ethereum network. The network calculates the cost necessary to enact a transfer or a contract, and the user pays it themselves. It is charged whenever you want to move something from one place to another (peer to peer trading/buying/selling cards), or add something to the network (purchasing/minting new cards). In some cases, gas prices have even been more expensive than the price of a single purchase, so blockchain gaming needed a solution. That solution is Immutable X. As a layer 2 solution, it works with the Ethereum network to provide secure, instant transactions with zero gas fees. The outcome? Not only will Guild of Guardians users be able to trade without the hindrance of gas, creating and minting will be much more affordable, unlocking play to earn mechanics like never before.
Is your issue not covered here? Contact us on #support in our Discord, and we’ll help you get sorted.