Pre-Alpha Demo

Applications for the Pre-Alpha Demo are now closed.


How can I participate in the Guild of Guardians Pre-Alpha Demo?
Step 1: Connect your wallet to access the Pre-Alpha Demo application form

Step 2: Once you have connected your wallet, complete the Pre-Alpha Demo application form. This should only take you 5 minutes.

While we would love to give everyone a chance to participate in the Pre-Alpha Demo, there are a limited number of spots available. Thank you for your understanding.
How and when will I find out if I have been selected to participate in the Guild of Guardian’s Pre-Alpha Demo?
Applicants will be notified via email a few weeks after the Pre-Alpha Demo application phase has closed.
How will successful applicants be selected?
Our objective is to recruit a diverse range of testers that will provide constructive feedback to help us improve the game for everyone.
When will the Pre-Alpha Demo begin and how long will it be live for?
As soon as possible within 1H 2022. The Alpha Demo will end when we are confident we have achieved our Alpha Demo goals.
How can I provide feedback?
During the Alpha Demo, players will receive a survey link to complete. We encourage all players to provide feedback as this will be your chance to have a direct impact on what becomes of Guild of Guardians.
Which languages will be supported in the Pre-Alpha Demo?
At the moment, our Pre-Alpha Demo only supports the English language
How do I begin playing if I have been selected for the Pre-Alpha Demo?
Successful applicants will be notified via email with instructions and the next steps.
Can I play on PC?
No. Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG and while PC builds are created for internal testing purposes, they do not have the full functionality of the mobile version.
What type of device will I need to play Guild of Guardians?
As the Alpha demo does not contain optimisations still ahead, the minimum requirements to run fluently are higher than they will be for the next versions.

The following devices are recommended for best performance. Mid-tier, current-gen Android phones, current or slightly older flagship devices, including -

  • Google Pixel 5
  • Nokia 8.3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • LG K62
  • Google Pixel 6
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Nokia XR 20
  • Xiaomi M11 or T11
  • Poco F3
  • Xiaomi Black Shark Series
  • LG W41 series

iOS devices are supported across many generations, with the best results to be expected on:

iPhone 11 or newer
iPad 10.2 (2019) or newer

The minimum requirements to play Guild of Guardians are -

Android: Samsung S8, Nokia 7.2 or similar with at least 3GB RAM.
iOS: iPhone 8 Plus or iPad Pro 12.9(2017)
Are there alternative routes in accessing the Pre-Alpha Demo?
We may run a competition for applicants that missed out. Otherwise, applying via the form is the only way to access the Pre-Alpha Demo.
If my application has been successful but I am unable to participate, can I pass along my access?
No. Only participants who were notified via email are eligible to participate.
Will the Pre-Alpha Demo have Blockchain integration?
The Pre-Alpha Demo will be run off-chain, meaning it won’t have any form of Blockchain integration. We've tailored this build so that we can focus on improving content and gameplay.
Will players receive rewards/tokens for gameplay?
Yes. While the Pre-Alpha Demo will have zero Blockchain integration, we will still be incentivising gameplay off-chain with leaderboards and prizes.